Meet Abby

Hey, I'm Abby. 


I’m Abby. Born in Iowa and raised in Nebraska, I come with the sensibilities of a Midwestern girl, but with an East Coast attitude. Best of both worlds, I'd say. 

Before I came to Boston in 2005 my summers were typically spent "up at the lake" in Minnesota. (Lake Pepin, for those of you playing along at home) at my grandparents' cabin. The days at the lake were generally filled with fishing and waterskiing, but in the evenings one of my favorite things to do was look through my grandmothers photo albums. She had the old flip over kind, you know with the brass rungs and the leather cover with the wood base.  There were two of them, both filled mostly with pictures from long before I was around. No matter how many times we'd been to the cabin, or how many times I'd looked through those albums, it was never enough. I'd meticulously flip through every picture occasionally removing one from its cellophane sleeve so I could better inspect the yellowed 4x6 print. The ones with the rounded corners. 

It's been years since I last touched those albums. But many of those pictures remained burned into my memory. Like the one of my mom in her rainbow tube top and my dad in his cut off jean shorts driving the boat. I think they were leaning in for a kiss. It was before they were married. 

As tends to happen with the youngest kid, there weren't a lot of pictures being taken any more by the time I came around. I think I've always been nostalgic for a time I never knew.  Like when my mom wore bell bottoms and my dad had a mustache. Or any hair on his head at all. Or my grandpa Noel mowing the backyard with his John Deer tractor, freshly lit cigar clenched securely between his teeth. Or the parties in the backyard with all my grandparents gathered together and stringers of walleye awaiting the fryer. I wasn't there for any of that. But touching those old pictures--I could imagine the smell of the grass that day; the feel of the late summer breeze coming off the lake. 

I loved those old, yellowed, rounded corner pictures with grandma Alice's handwriting noting the month, year and location on the back of each one. "Noel and the kids at Maiden Rock." And while I felt sad that I wasn't there for those memories, touching those photos always made me feel a little closer to that time I didn't know.  

And so here I am. Now I make pictures for people so they can hold those memories forever. Or maybe share them with someone who wasn't there. So they can remember or experience what the air smelled like that day. Or the sound of your uncle's laugh. Or what their hand felt like in yours. 

I'm a hopeless romantic and a problematic day dreamer. Nostalgic for things I never knew. I'm here to tell your story. 


Image by fellow lady boss Lara Woolfson, Studio Nouveau