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Watertown Portait Photography: The Wherrys in Medford!

Remember Katie and Manny and their fantastic wedding at the Fuller Craft Museum? Well apparently I made quite the impression because Katie's sister Deanne asked me to come by to do a family portrait session with her husband and two kids, Audry and Loren (I must say I rather like the spelling of Loren's name).  Audrey rather reminded me of myself when I was five--running screaming, running, screaming drawing smiling running yelling. Loved it.  The dynamic between Audrey and her older, more subdued sister Loren was really lovely to watch--they were very much each other's salt to their pepper.  Or pepper to their salt....

As much as I resist playing favorites with my pictures, I have to admit, this one is my personal fave of the day:

Deanne, thanks for inviting me back for some Pickett/Wherry love :)