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Brenna and Jay: the night before their wedding...

So last month I had the absolute pleasure of driving the most gorgeous beautiful Route 1 up to Sorrento, Maine for Brenna and Jay's wedding. Brenna's family has this incredible heritage family estate in Sorrento, not far from the Schoodic side of Acadia National Park! So you can imagine how gorgeous it is up there. I made a weekend of it and got myself an adorable AirBnB in nearby Corea By The Sea--we kicked off the weekend with a glass of wine and a stroll through the woods for a little warm up session the night before the wedding. 

I guess you could call this the opening ceremonies. The premier night. The full blog post of their entire celebration will be coming to you tomorrow. Stay tuned. but for now: Brenna and Jay, the night before their wedding: 

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