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Karina and Pete | Engagement Session in Salem, MA

So we had a pretty big life change this past winter/spring--we moved! I had been making my home in Watertown, just outside Boston, for the last eight years. At the end of January we got a pretty big shock, finding out our house was being sold and we were forced to move. After living in not only the same town but the same house for eight years, needless to say my world was turned upside down. After a few weeks of uncertainty and scrambling--we wound up finding a new home--in Salem! So many amazing things came out of this move--our apartment is so much nicer, bigger and in a great part of town. This was a great fresh start for Jason and me (who moved in with me to an apartment I had already lived in for years before we met). And on top of all of that, I now have ready access to some really amazing places right near by to bring my couples for their engagement sessions! All of my commissions include a complimentary optional engagement session. For a while now I've been working on encouraging my couples to think outside the city, get away from noise and distractions and crowds, and get out into some fresh air where they can be present with each other and fully focus their energy together. Of course in Watertown there wasn't much available for any of that--but now in Salem I'm so happy to be able to invite my couples here, for a walk through Salem woods, or my new very favorite place--Winter Island. a Mix of some easy walking trails through the trees, a climb out onto the rocks and a stroll around the beach. Salem has been pretty great to us so far and I'm so happy to invite clients here for their sessions. We've done a few up here in the last couple months and they've been so much fun. Thanks to all my couples for trusting me to create for them, and to coming to this very special place! 

Here's Karina and Pete out for an evening stroll through Winter Island! 


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