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Orit and Jeremy at Oleana!

In four years of professional wedding photography I've never done a morning wedding! And on a Friday no less! And not only that, this past weekend was not one but two morning weddings! I'll be honest I am NOT a morning person, and with an 11am ceremony, and prep, first look and portraits all to be done before the ceremony, this meant being up at around 6:30 am. Early rising is NOT my forte but like all things creative it can be good to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I felt energized and inspired all day. Although that could certainly have to do with the material I had to work with: portraits wandering around Cambridgeport, ceremony on the terrace at Oleana and a luncheon reception decorated with wedding themed comic book covers. So? Awesome couple? Great location? Excellent venue with (actually) unique and personalized details? Followed by Carlsbergs and Olympics watching at Asgard?