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I am so thrilled to announce a major addition to the Lorenz Photography team: Eric Reed.  Eric is a talented studio and lifestyle photographer whose perfectionism and enthusiasm for his profession, I thought would make a fantastic addition to my team.  I have thus far been the solo photographer on all my weddings (with the loyal assistance of my wonderful husband Caleb), so this will be a new venture for both of us.  As a creative professional I have been told since day one that you must observe your industry and adapt to growing trends--in this case, it's an upward growing trend of photography teams, not just one photographer.  So in evaluating my potential options for photography partners, I thought Eric would be the most natural choice: As previously mentioned he is a real perfectionist with his artwork, but he also has a fantastic sense of humor that I believe will coincide beautifully with my relaxed, fun-loving approach to my wedding photography.  We begin work together on our first wedding as a team this June.  Thanks to Eric so much for taking me up on this offer.  I think we're going to have a blast! For examples of Eric's work, just visit Eric Reed Photography.