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Announcing: Abby Lorenz Photography, coming to Alaska.


A few years ago, an Alaskan man named Jason stumbled into my life and stole my heart. He moved here to Boston on a whim and we have since spent the last four years collaboratively working together on the project of Us. In August 2016, I returned to his homeland with him for two weeks, during which we embarked on a 10 day camping road trip, in the pouring August Alaska rain. I may have returned home to New England, but as I was warned may happen, a little bit of Alaska came home with me. My heart and my soul is forever inhabited by the magic of Alaska. 

And that’s why, I’m coming back. 

After months of dreaming, turned planning, I’m thrilled to announce: Starting 2017, I will be dedicating a portion of my wedding season to that magical place, that holds the hearts of so many--both locals and adventurers from afar. 

Abby Lorenz Photography will be coming to Alaska for the entire month of July, 2017. I am currently accepting bookings for weddings, elopements and engagement and/or portrait sessions for anywhere and everywhere in the 49th State.  

Here’s the info: 

The When: I will be arriving in Anchorage on July 1st, and will be available for weddings and portraits beginning Sunday July 2nd, through Sunday August 6th. 

The Where: Anywhere in Alaska. By plane, train, automobile or ferry or four wheeler, I’ll go. Try me. I dare you. 

The Who. YOU. You and your lover. You, your lover and your families and friends. I want to meet you, learn about you, and what I can do to create something incredibly magical for you. Whether you’re already a life-long Alaskan, or an adventurer with a craving for the last frontier, I want to know you and understand you. 

The What: Weddings big and small. A huge family and friends affair complete with dinner and dancing? I’m there. Just you two on top of a glacier? Cool I got my microspikes already packed. An intimate gathering of your best friends and family at Mountain High in Talkeetna? Cool, I like IPAs. My point is--big or small, intimate or rager, I’m there for you. What I care about is that you are having a wedding that is authentic and true to who you are, with the people you love most.  I’m here for breweries, mountain top elopements, weekend long wilderness camp weddings, and anything else you can dream up. 

The Numbers: Complete wedding day coverage begins at $3500. Elopements and intimate weddings less than 20 people begins at $2000. Portrait Sessions begin at $600. Full pricing details provided upon inquiry. 

Travel: when I say anywhere in Alaska, I mean it. Because I will be living in Alaska for the month, I don’t have to charge travel from Boston, just for travel expenses within Alaska (the details of which we can hash out in the booking process). 

So like, how does this work? Interested? Me too. So this is how we do it: this whole process hinges on the relationship we establish between myself and you as a couple. And the first step in that process is us having a chat. The next best thing in lieu of an in person meeting here at my studio in Boston, would be a meeting via Facetime. I’d love to carve out some time for us to sit down “face to face” over a couple of beers or a cup of tea and really learn about you, your families and why getting married in Alaska is so important. From there we’ll talk about the booking process and go over any details you’d like to know about myself or my work. To get started, shoot me an inquiry via the inquiry form on my website. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can with additional pricing info, and from there we can schedule a time to chat about your wedding. 

How many weddings/elopements/engagements will I be accepting for the month of July? As I mentioned above, I will be accepting a limited number of commissions for the month. I will be accepting between 4 and 6 full weddings (think, all day coverage, ceremony, portraits, dinner, dancing). I will be accepting 6-8 Elopements and smaller, intimate celebrations. 

Are you for real with this? Yes. This is real. I am real. I’ve been photographing weddings professionally, full time, all over New England for eight years. I have hundreds of thrilled couples who I’ve been so happy to take care of and create for. Now I’m just ready to take this show on the road and create some magic with you in Alaska. 

Why are you doing this? I dunno man. It’s crazy, right? It’s totally scary. Give up an entire month of my wedding season in my already very established market and client base, to go live on the other side of the country and book in an entirely new place! Totally terrifying. I should probably just not do this, right? I should just stick to what I know, and what is a sure thing...right? 

I mean maybe. There’s certainly nothing wrong with sticking with what you know and sticking what what feels safe and good, if that’s what works and what you want. But for me, my heart and my soul are ready for a challenge. My eyes are ready for new light. I’m ready to meet new people and experience love on the edge of the world. I want to meet you, know you and photograph your love. If you’re up for an adventure with me, give me a shout.