Deb and Kevin at JFK Library by Abby Lorenz

I'm not much of a morning person. At least I never thought I was. But something funny has been happening the last few months. Going to bed early. And getting up early. And now that we're running out of day light so early this time of year I thought--how about we take advantage of this morning and go take some pictures. So I met up with Deb and Kevin on a very quiet Tuesday morning a few weeks ago for a stroll around JFK Library (their idea). And I think I may have a new favorite location in our awesome city. Thanks Deb and Kevin for a really fun shoot. Can't wait to photograph your wedding next year at Artists for Humanity! 

Martha and Oke at Home. by Abby Lorenz

Martha and Oke are getting married next May in Dedham and I'm the lucky girl that will get to make photographs for them. I went and hung out with them at Oke's childhood home in Dover a couple of weeks ago where I got to make (more!) friends with the goats.  The guinea hens however, were less than enthusiastic about me. It was another perfect New England Fall morning.