Joanna and Nick at the Arnold Arboretum by Abby Lorenz

How have I lived in Boston for 10 years and never been to the Arboretum?!!? I'm so glad Joanna and Nick asked me to meet them there for their engagement session a few weeks ago. PERFECT Fall New England Day with these two high school sweethearts. Oh and their dog Porter. Thanks for a beautiful evening and a great shoot, you guys!

Also I must say--my 2016 brides are CRUSHIN IT with the gorgeous hair!

And finally: Andrew and Joe. At home in the South End. by Abby Lorenz

What a year. This season started out on a beautiful Spring day in May with the trees exploding in hot pink cherry blossoms, took me to Westport, the Cape, New Hampshire, Western Mass, and finally came full circle, right back to the heart of Boston, on a beautiful crisp Fall day. And by heart of Boston, I mean Andrew and Joe's home in the South End. They celebrated their wedding with just their closest family members, starting with some champagne before moving things upstairs for their roof top ceremony. What a spectacular day and a spectacular couple. These two doctors are over the moon for each other. Their love for each other combined with their families all coming together to celebrate just made my heart swell. Thank you Andrew, Joe and your amazing families for a wonderful way to bring this years wedding season to a perfect end, right downtown.

Katrina and Nick: at Lynch Park in Beverly. by Abby Lorenz

Ahhhhh this was one of those perfect nights where the sun was setting at jussstttt the right time. Plenty of shade in the park, and then meandered down to the beach for those perfect 15 minutes of golden hour on the beach. Thanks Katrina and Nick for a BEAUTIFUL evening in Beverly! Can't wait for your wedding next Summer!! 

Olivia and Larry: at Gram's house in Adams, MA by Abby Lorenz

It's a cliche but it is true: to  be asked by a fellow photographer to photograph their wedding is incredibly humbling. Add to that, Olivia being not only a photographer but also a fellow alumni of New England School of Photography--and yeah the pressure gets high :) Olivia now lives in New Orleans with her guy, Larry, a NOLA native. Olivia first asked me about being her photographer last spring, and it turned out I was going to be down in New Orleans to attend a wedding the following week--so we actually had their consult in New Orleans! They're getting married next Fall at Olivia's gram's house in Adams, MA and I can't wait! Olivia and Larry--thanks for having us out to Gram's house and showing us this beautiful place!