Emme and Matt at Alerin Barn in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont. by Abby Lorenz

Look. I know. I KNOW I'm supposed to do shorter blog posts, okay? I know. But I just can't. I really just can't and can you blame me? I mean look at all of this. 

Emme ("Em-ah") and Matt. These two fools in love are so passionate; for each other, for their families, for the state of Vermont, for sharing their incredibly creative vision with their guests--for everything. To say this was a detail oriented wedding doesn't even begin to do the work they did justice. They are amazing people. This was an amazing day. I honestly don't know how to describe it in words. So I'll just show you in pictures. 

A couple of shout outs before we begin: first off to Micah Dudash from 822 Weddings for being an awesome videography team to work with! And of course to my amazing and hilarious friend, co-pilot and second shooter Stacey Hedman for tag teaming this one with me. Good job, everyone. Nice hustle out there. 

And Now: Martha and Oke at Dedham Country and Polo Club by Abby Lorenz

Martha and Oke. What pair of names, right? And how fitting because these two are in fact, quite the pair. Since I met Martha a  year ago it's been such a pleasure to get to know her and Oke. When I photographed their engagement pictures last fall I got a glimpse at what true, natural chemistry they have. These two are the real deal. They have that kind of connection thats just so obviously right and natural and their chemistry emanates all around them. When a couple is this obviously into each other, it makes photographing them practically effortless. Then you add in her dress and his tux, and that sunset? That right there is a recipe for greatness. Thank you Oke, Martha and your families for welcoming me into this heartfelt, honest, and love-filled day. 

Huge thank you to the amazing and gracious staff at Dedham Polo and Country Club for being so great to work with. And also a big one to my favorite wedding band Groove Authority for CA-RUSHING it as ALWAYS!! 

And Now: Leah and John at the Stonehedge Inn, Tyngsboro by Abby Lorenz

And the award for most smiling-est groom of all time goes to: John. 

Weddings mean something different to everyone. And in this case, this was a wedding that was all about family and coming together as one. This was one of those weddings that was so bursting with family love at every turn it was almost overwhelming. Leah's niece was a flower girl, John's daughter was a bridesmaid. Leah's brother was a groomsman along with his son. Their best friends were their maid of honor and best man. At any wedding, the first hour or so is spent mentally sorting out who's who--okay is that John's brother or Leah's brother? Wait, Leah's sister? No that's her brother's wife. Okay... Pretty quickly though you get that all sorted out in your mind. I figured out whose siblings and parents were whose...but I also figured out that in this case? They're one family. You could hardly distinguish between these families, there was so much tight knit closeness and love happening. I'm completely humbled by this family. Their love for each other and focus on being together and celebrating family was like none other I've ever seen. Thank you John and Leah for sharing your incredible family with me. 

Thank you also to my amazing right hand girl Alexandra Roberts for shooting with me on this incredible day! 

And Now Blair and Pat at the Hampshire House on Beacon Hill by Abby Lorenz

Between Her smile, the exploding pink trees, bridesmaids that looked like faeries and a perfectly warm-but-not-hot Saturday afternoon in Downtown Boston, Blair and Pat's wedding was the perfect way to get this wedding season started off right. Thank you so much Blair and Pat for an amazing day.