Brenna and Jay in Sorrento, Maine by Abby Lorenz

Last month I packed up the Soob, and hit the road early on Friday morning of Labor Day Weekend to make the long but beautiful drive up coastal Route 1 to Sorrento, Maine. YES I stopped at Red's on the way. YES they were the best friend scallops I've ever had. 

The next day I joined Brenna and Jay and their families on Brenna's family's estate, on Weir Haven Farm which was some incomprehensibly beautiful mixture of a wooded, seaside farm. It doesn't get more idyllic-ly New England that a wooded sea side farm does it? 

What ensued was a beautiful warm late summer wedding day full of love, music, family, friends, lots of Maine beer and we even got to see SEALS! After a stunning ceremony on the sandbar down the hill, we set out on the boat for a tool around the harbor while their friends and family moved back up to the meadow for cocktails and lawn games. This outrageously beautiful day was rounded out by a surprise song from Brenna's dad, Jock, who sang a special rendition of "Take me Home Country Roads" only reworded to pay tribute to Weir Haven Farm. The whole day was rounded out with a RIP ROARING dance party under the stars, with that late summer Maine ocean breeze to keep everyone cool and moving. PHEW! This wedding was a labor of love, with folks making the journey way up north past Bar Harbor to join Brenna and Jay in this incredibly special place. I'm so humbled I got to be their photographer. Brenna and Jay, this one's for you: 

Brenna and Jay: the night before their wedding... by Abby Lorenz

So last month I had the absolute pleasure of driving the most gorgeous beautiful Route 1 up to Sorrento, Maine for Brenna and Jay's wedding. Brenna's family has this incredible heritage family estate in Sorrento, not far from the Schoodic side of Acadia National Park! So you can imagine how gorgeous it is up there. I made a weekend of it and got myself an adorable AirBnB in nearby Corea By The Sea--we kicked off the weekend with a glass of wine and a stroll through the woods for a little warm up session the night before the wedding. 

I guess you could call this the opening ceremonies. The premier night. The full blog post of their entire celebration will be coming to you tomorrow. Stay tuned. but for now: Brenna and Jay, the night before their wedding: