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My friend, Tara.

This is Tara. She and I met about three years ago when she transferred to my Starbucks (that's right, I used to steam milk, whiz up frappucinos and put sprinkles on peppermint hot chocolates!).  She rules, basically.  Our first night working together at Starbucks I think I laughed more than I ever have at that job (except for maybe the soy incident during that morning shift with Andrew...).  She's hysterical, smart, completely goofy, and one of the hardest workers I've ever known. I know that's kind of a random characteristic to go out of my way to mention--but honestly, it's one of my favorite things about this girl.  No matter what she's doing--slinging lattes, working in the corporate world, waiting tables and now in grad school to become a counselor--you name it, she gives it her all, and without a breath of complaint. Tara is also one of my best friends.  Since the day we met she has always been so thoughtful and supportive--from sending me a "Happy Wedding Day!" text message only three weeks after we met, to being a shoulder to lean on, to being endlessly, tirelessly supportive of Lorenz Photography.  She is promoting Lorenz Photography whenever she gets an opportunity, and has been there with thoughtful, sincere words of support and encouragement on my bad days.  Lucky for me, Tara--a total ham--loves having her picture taken.  So as both a thank you to her for her endless support of me and my business, and also a good excuse to get some more portraits under my belt, we had ourselves a little pictures and dinner date last weekend.

Tara insists that she got these shoes long before Ed Hardy became lame. Just saying.