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2010 Lorenz Photography Holiday Catalog!

I am pleased to offer a full line of awesome products with which to display and keep your imagery--everything from archival prints to cards to albums (my personal fave).  I try to keep my catalog relatively light so as to avoid brain overload when trying to pick out things to order.  So for the Holidays I have decided to put together a small catalog of featured products that I personally find to be excellent choices for holiday gifts--both for loved ones and for yourself :) Below, I am highlighting my choices for awesome 2010 Holiday gifts and cards.  There's plenty more where this comes from so please contact me for both full pricing details as well as a complete catalog of all of Lorenz Photography's product offerings. Let's get started!

Books have always been my personal favorite way to both store and display your keepsake imagery.  I love the feel of a hardcover book in my hands, and I relish the progression of the story through images as you turn the pages.  The Lay Flat book you see here is my the my newest and favoritest (yep) book offering.  This hardcover book is printed on thick, luscious heavy weight paper and bound with a hinged binding allowing each page to lay completely flat.  Sizes are available from 5"x5" up to 12"x12" (pictured here) and available in both square and rectangular formats. Starting at $800

Another new addition to the Lorenz Photography product line up is the Custom Photo Box.  This is a very close second to my favoritest (yessir) way to store and display prints.  I love the photo image box because, like a book,  it gets the images into your hands where I personally believe they belong.  Many people want to order loose prints but aren't sure what to do with them once they've got them--they can put them into a store-bought slip in photo album, or maybe frame them or keep them in a box, all of which are fine options--but with the custom photo image box, you get 12 or 30 of your favorite images, printed on true photographic archival paper, mounted on matboard and (ta da!) presented in your very own custom designed photo box.  Each box comes complete with an easy-lift out ribbon so you don't have to fuss with getting them out of the box, and a magnetic closure, keeping your prints tucked safely and securely inside.  Because your prints are  mounted on matboard, you can even store the box upright on your bookshelf without having to worry about curling or warping of your images. This is truly a fantastic way to both store and display your prints, and fun, mid priced alternative between loose prints and an album.  Boxes are 5"x7" and are available in sets of 12 or 30 of your choice of images. Fun!

Adorable, delectable, pocket or purse sized little mini books--can you think of a more perfect stocking stuffer? These fantastic wallet-sized books come with full front and back spreads and your choice of images.  They are available with a custom photo cover (as shown here) or canvas cover.  Prices start at $35 for a set of three identical books. That's right--three to a set! One for you, one for grandma and one for Aunt Kathy. Perfect!

Right? Right?? How many holiday cards do we get a year that go into a basket with all the others? Get your cards out of the basket and onto your recipients' tree! Super fun! Cards are 5" x 5"double sided and available in circular (as shown) and square in both smooth and scalloped edging.  Sold in sets of 25, cards start at $60 per set and are fully customizable so you can let your imagination run wild!

Also remember I'm offering flat and folded holiday cards starting at $50--templates and information for which can be found here. These templates are available for the holiday card ornaments you see above. Fun!

So, those are my 2010 featured holiday offerings--but remember I offer a full line of products including loose prints, canvas gallery wraps and a bunch of other stuff--if you want more info on any of these products or anything else in my line up please don't hesitate to call or shoot me an email! Product orders must be finalized by December 18th to ensure holiday delivery.

Oh, yeah! One last thing! Want to do holiday cards but don't have any current portraits? No problem! There's still plenty of days left before the holidays and I'm sure we can squeeze in a portrait session. Just give me a shout and let me know!